This Support Group Is Helping People Cope With Beirut Explosion Trauma

Nabil Ismail | @theobaf

The explosion that left Beirut shredded in pieces was a traumatic experience, to say the least. People can’t sleep, can’t eat, and can’t think properly without being haunted by images from the blast.

Thousands can’t even go back to their own homes and have lost everything they love – including family and friends.

People immediately took action, tended to wounds, cleaned up, looked for shelters. Protesters went down to the streets, expressed their rage, anger, frustration.

Many have still not had the time to stop and break down, to take it all in. The nation is in shock.

“Nothing feels the same way anymore. Jokes are not funny. Songs are sad. Speeches are redundant. Food is tasteless. Sleep is uncomfortable. Work is onerous. News is overwhelming. Deep breaths are frequent.”

Edy Semaan via Twitter

PTSD is now showing with many.

Any loud sound will bring back that trauma. The sound of fireworks, someone breaking a glass cup in the kitchen, the slamming of a door – all make your heart jump to your throat.

My father accidentally broke a glass of water, and my first reaction was to hide my head between my hands. They really ruined us Beirut Blast.

Inedith_ via Twitter

To help people cope with the trauma, a group of senior psychology students from the Lebanese American University (LAU) and American University of Beirut (AUB) are coming to the rescue.

They have teamed up to create a platform on Instagram called Beirut Explosion Emotions.

The account will bridge the gap between people who are in urgent need of therapy and licensed psychologists who are ready to offer their help, free of charge.

They are even offering help to parents to help their children cope with the stress and overcome this difficult event. They are also advising how to cope with the Survivor’s guilt, which is not to disregard.

“Offering tips on trauma and loss, online therapy, support groups, and a virtual hug. Reach out to us, let us help you fix your shattered hearts.”

– Beirut Explosion Emotions

As you keep it inside, thinking you should be ‘strong’, remember it’s okay to let it out. You are not alone in this. And you can get help.

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? What you feel matters ?

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Reach out. What we just lived is awful and no one has to deal with the consequences alone. We are all in this together.

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