This Student-Based Initiative Is Helping Children Affected By The Explosion

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Support Lebanon Students is a student-based initiative that is on a mission to help children affected by the Beirut explosion prepare for the coming academic year.

The members are as young as 12 to 18 years old and most are enrolled at or have just graduated from L’ Athénée De Beyrouth.

Maria, a member of Support Lebanon Students, said that she, her siblings, and her friend were inspired to start this in response to the explosion.

“Most people are focusing on sending food and shelter and on repairing the damaged houses, they are fully right,” Maria told The961.

“But I am worried about the children and kids my age who may miss their academic year, which might impact their future (missing a lot of opportunities),” she said.

They recently launched a campaign and have members in several regions who collect donations and are only collecting essential school supplies.

Their contact points are in:

  • Jounieh
  • Sahel Alma
  • Zouk
  • Ajaltoun/ Faraya
  • Batroun
  • Dbayeh
  • Rabieh
  • Bsalim
  • Achrafieh
  • Hazmieh
  • Baabdat

Since launching, Support Lebanon Students has been contacted by Just Help, an online platform based in France and Lebanon.

Now, people from around the world can access the initiative online and make a contribution by selecting the items they’d like to donate.

In addition, Support Lebanon Students just submitted a tender to an international organization for more support.

“Getting a [large quantity] of laptops and tablets requires big donations, that’s why we have submitted a demand to a big international organization so that they adopt our initiative,” Maria explained, “These donations will go to this organization for our initiative.”

They are hoping the organization will provide them with the names of affected children that need school supplies so that they could distribute the items “under the umbrella of the organization,” she told The961.

They are currently waiting for a final reply and said the organization’s initial response was positive.

If you would like to support them visit their Just Help page or donate school supplies at any of their contact points listed above.

Once again, the strong sense of responsibility we are witnessing from the Lebanese of all ages towards their people during this catastrophe speaks of the greatness of this nation. A nation that deserves a better Lebanon, one that is as great as they are.