The Sursock Museum Is A Must-Visit For Art Lovers!

The Sursock Museum is one of the most renowned museums in Lebanon. Located on Rue Sursock, it is home to a large contemporary art collection.

Opened in 1961, the 8,500-square-meter museum was originally a private villa built by Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock. Its architectural style merges Lebanese and Ottoman designs making it a piece of art.

In fact, Nicolas Sursock left the mansion to Lebanon after his death. As a person who was committed to art, he wanted his house to be turned into a museum to serve as an art platform for Lebanese citizens and artists.

It is the perfect place to visit for those who are interested in oriental and modern art, and who want to discover and learn more about the beauty of Lebanese architecture.

The museum has a permanent collection and a library. Also, it regularly hosts exhibitions that play an essential role in the art dimension of Lebanon.

There are five permanent art collections at Sursock museum, which are:

Oriental collection

This collection comprises works such as textiles, carpets, and icons that reflect Islamic and Ottoman designs.

Special collection

This collection features photographs of traditional Lebanese buildings as well as Japanese woodcut prints.

Nicolas Sursock legacy

You’ll find in this section furniture that was gifted to Nicolas Sursock such as Chinese porcelain and Islamic tiles. Also, personal photographs and paintings are included.

The Fouad Debbas Collection

It is a photographic collection that comprises over 30,000 images and postcards from the Middle East.

In fact, the museum also has a library where one can find historical art resources. It is the home of periodicals, journals, and newspapers that can serve as valuable sources to those who are researching art.

Click here to access the library catalog. A gem that reflects the beauty of Lebanese art, Sursock Museum is a must-visit for art lovers!

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