What Didn’t Happen In 15 Years Of Lebanese Civil War Happened In One Minute On August 4th, 2020 (VIDEO)

Two years ago, a huge amount of ammonium nitrate exploded at the port of Beirut, destroying half of the capital.

Two years ago, what did not happen in 15 years of civil war happened in one minute.

For two years now, the investigation continues to be obstructed by political interference, and no truth has been told.

For two years now, the Lebanese are still hearing promises from the same people that caused the disaster.

For two years now, many children go to sleep every night hoping that they would wake up the next morning to find their parents beside their bed.

Justice hasn’t been served yet, and the Lebanese nation still demands justice.

The trauma hasn’t left the people to date. A nightmare many still live in their minds and in their bodies, and those who survived can’t still believe that they did.

Here’s a testimony of one of the survivors, her voice reflecting her disbelief and pain at what she lived and saw, and at how she survived when most around her didn’t.

Tatiana Ephrem survived the Beirut Blast on Aug 4, 2020. In this video, she recounts the moment of the explosion, the minutes of horror, the hellish apocalyptic scene around her, the child she grabbed away from his killed mother, the raining debris over their heads, the wounded soldier urging the survivors to run and leave the dead behind…

“We will not forget. Whatever they do, we will not forget…,” she says at the end.

And how could the Lebanese ever forgive or forget the most atrocious crime committed against the nation, from within?

Over 234 innocent people were killed by Beirut Blast. Say Their Names. Remember Them.

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