Breaking: Survivor Trapped Under The Rubble In Beirut May Be A Child

Hassan Shaaban

According to the head of Topos Chile, the Chilean rescue team, the survivor’s faint and slow heartbeats detected earlier today in Beirut may belong to a child.

Edward Bitar from Live Love Lebanon, who is coordinating with the rescue team, just confirmed this assumption in the video below, saying it could be a small child curled up in (in the fetal position).

However, there are no children reported missing. Many believe the survivor could be an orphan or a refugee – someone whose disappearance, unfortunately, went unreported.

Since the body is still stuck under the rubble, the rescue team cannot ascertain 100% if it belongs to a child. So far the thermal technology discovered the body of an adult, who was proclaimed dead, and a smaller body who has about 18 heartbeats per minute, which brought them to believe that it’s a child.

It has been a month since the blast and, after some hindrance, efforts to save the survivor are ongoing. People are praying for a miracle…