Man Linked To Kaftoun Shooting Blows Himself Up During ISF Raid

Person Linked To Kaftoun Shooting Blows Himself Up During ISF Raid

So far, security forces have identified 3 suspects linked to the shocking Kaftoun shooting.

After arresting one of the suspects, the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) closed in on another on Monday morning.

“Y.K.,” a 40-year-old Syrian national, was holed up inside an isolated room in agricultural land in the northern village of Aamrieh. The room, as far as local authorities were aware up to this day, was thought to be uninhabited.

When the ISF officers reached him, the wanted man resisted arrest and “confronted the force, forcing it to deal with him similarly,” the ISF said. “After that, an explosion was heard and it was found that he had blown himself up.”

The explosion was heard in the neighboring areas and prompted the nearby village of Bireh to dispatch a municipal police patrol to investigate its source.

“We leave the security authorities to disclose the type of security work they carried out, and whether it was related to the Koura (Kaftoun) crime or a terrorist cell,” said Bireh Mayor Mohammad Wehbi.

“However, what we can confirm is that there are criminals who were using the place for suspicious purposes, and we noticed criminal evidence in the targeted location,” he added.

After Civil Defense units extinguished the fire ignited by the explosion, security forces set up a perimeter around the room, searched it, and found two laptops inside.

Earlier, the investigations revealed that the so-far three identified suspects in the Kaftoun shooting all shared history in terrorist activity. Security forces identified the suspects through the fingerprints that were left at the crime scene.

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