Volunteer-Based Initiative Collects Waste To Prevent Maritime Pollution Across Lebanon’s Shore


Based on a volunteer group of nature lovers, Sustainable Waste Intercity Marathon (SWIM) Lebanon was initiated to help collect and prevent waste pollution along Lebanon’s shore.

SWIM Lebanon has been for years engaging communities from South to North for a combined swimming and waste collection initiative, aiming to induce sustainable and good habits to save Lebanon’s sea from pollution and keep it clean.

The SWIM volunteers are a group of professional swimmers, event managers, influencers, and even designers, who are working hard to help achieve green lane objectives.

The initiative first introduced the Waste Collection Day back in January 2019 on the beachfront of Amchit, when, in just 2 hours, they collected 200 Kg of plastic.

This experience later encouraged the initiative to duplicate their efforts and seek to fulfill a bigger ambition of a clean, and clear coastline across the country.

SWIM Lebanon’s main vision is to increase the collective and individual efforts to promote environmental awareness and practices.

The team educates people about sustainable patterns, collaborates with NGOs on environmental campaigns, and cooperates with eco-friendly institutions to provide greener tourism.

This remarkable volunteer-based initiative is continuing to spread sustainable change and eco-friendly practices, and enhance its works to protect Lebanon’s ecosystem.

Currently, it is organizing beach cleanups and swimming events to keep the country’s beachfront clean.