Switzerland Just Offered To Support The New Lebanese Government

Upon meeting with Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the ambassador of Switzerland in Lebanon, Monika Schmutz Kirgöz, confirmed that the new Lebanese government will face a great challenge and that Switzerland is ready to help.

The ambassador also noted that, since the beginning of the crisis in Lebanon, Switzerland has called for a fast formation of an effective and transparent government.

On behalf of her country, Kirgöz seized her meeting with PM Diab to wish Lebanon and the new government success in implementing the reforms, She explained that the Lebanese citizens look forward to reforms and the country desperately needs them.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab announcing Lebanon's decision to default on Eurobonds payment
VDalati & Nohra

She also explained that the situation in Lebanon and the region need urgent measures: “It is no longer possible to ignore the demands of the large numbers of Lebanese people, whether they are those who participate in the protests or wish for a profound and calm change.”

Kirgöz insisted that it is important to Switzerland that Lebanon stabilizes and works according to laws transparently through participation, monitoring, and governance.

“The Lebanese people must trust their government and rulers because dialogue and cooperation between decision-makers and society is the key to solving various issues and spare the country violence and extremism,” she stated.

Kirgöz continued: “We have seen over the past years the feeling of the Lebanese people not obtaining their rights. As a priority, Switzerland has supported and will continue to support all attempts to reform the judicial system and make it more independent and effective.”

She also explained that, in parallel, the economic situation needs to be reformed, especially since the Lebanese citizens witnessed, in the recent period, unprecedented decisions by the Lebanese banks related to controlling the infusion of funds and placing restrictions on withdrawals.

The depreciation of the LBP exchange rate has negatively affected the monetary security of the community, with a large number of Lebanese under the poverty line.

On the issue of politicians transferring billions of dollars from Lebanon to Switzerland, Kirgöz stressed that Switzerland is ready to cooperate at the request of the new Lebanese government to address the rumors that have circulated around the money transfers.

She shared that she has informed Prime Minister Diab that “he and his government are standing up to a major mission.”

She concluded that “Switzerland is ready to help coordinate and carry out this mission in line with the people’s demands and the necessary needs of the country.”

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