Sydney: Solidarity Protest for Lebanon Expects Massive Participation!

We have just been informed by the organizers of the Solidarity Protest for Lebanon in Sydney that they are expecting an estimated number of 20,000 people to join in on Sunday, Oct 26th, in front of the Opera house. The Lebanese Revolution is turning into an unstoppable tsunami with protests increasing in the diaspora and our protesters in Lebanon more adamant than ever.


The Lebanese diaspora across the world has demonstrated tremendous love for their homeland and the land of their parents and grandparents. This weekend, the United States alone is witnessing over 35 protests with larger numbers of attendance than the previous week. In Australia, several cities are also hearing this weekend the voices of our people and seeing our flag in a multitude at strategic sites.

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In Sydney, the diaspora continues to stand in solidarity with the people in Lebanon. The protest, which is being held in front of the Opera House in Sydney, will take place from 6 PM to 9 PM. “As is in Lebanon, this is a people-led movement of ordinary citizens uniting under the Lebanese flag,” ascertained one of the organizers in her communication with us today.


Like their fellow Lebanese protesters in the United States and Canada, the organizers are doing this time even more. In addition to having ensured that their call reached a larger number of Lebanese and Friends of Lebanon, they have also invited the press of their cities to attend.

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That decision ensued among our protesters in the diaspora at witnessing how little to none the international mainstream media is covering, and truthfully, the revolution in Lebanon. Henceforth, these protests will speak up to the press in all these cities on behalf of the Lebanese nation demanding their basic rights to live with dignity in their country with corrupt-free governance.


In Sydney, and as confirmed to us by the organizers, media delegates will be on the ground tonight, liaising with both the Arabic Media outlets in the city and the mainstream Australian Media.

In the words of our diaspora in Sydney, “The protest group will raise their voices and reiterate the demands of the Lebanese people, and send a clear message to the government that the diaspora has a voice and, even though they are not in Lebanon physically, they can still take part all around the world.”


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