Lebanon’s Syndicates Are Asking Insurance Companies to Cover Coronavirus Patients and Hospitals


Lebanon’s syndicates of ‘free professions’ had a meeting on March 27th at noon under the supervision of the Doctors’ Syndicate President Sharaf Abou Sharaf.

One of their propositions was to ask insurance companies to cover Coronavirus patients and government hospitals.

According to LBC, they discussed the Coronavirus outbreak and how they can deal with the virus from within their own specializations.

In this meeting, they affirmed their intention to cooperate on the matter of the virus and helping Lebanon’s citizens stabilize.

The syndicates agreed on the following points:

  1. Taking measures through the authority of the higher judicial court in cooperation with the Justice Minister, the General Prosecutor, and the Bar Association in Beirut and Tripoli, to face the Coronavirus and reduce overcrowding in prisons.
  2. Cooperation between the Bar and Doctors’ Associations in Tripoli and Beirut to stop the outbreak of Coronavirus in prisons.
  3. Asking the insurance companies to cover Coronavirus patients, and for the Economic Ministry to take responsibility in this field.
  4. The syndicates of free professions must collaborate on all the stages, from planning to the application to supervision, especially in matters of public spending. They should also work together to regain the trust of the general public.
  5. Providing support to government hospitals all over Lebanon so that they can go on with their mission.
  6. Providing support to members of the syndicates in the form of loans through the ministries.
  7. Providing support to those in free professions, praising their efforts in these difficult times, and giving them their full rights to properly perform their roles.

The work that people in these professions perform is essential to the country, especially in these times of crisis. Lebanon wouldn’t have been able to fight the Coronavirus if it weren’t for the dedication of these workers and so the government should provide them full support.

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