The Syrian Embassy In Lebanon Is Suing People Who Attacked Syrian Voters

The Syrian Embassy In Lebanon Is Suing Attackers Of Syrian Voters

The Syrian Embassy in Beirut is taking legal action against the people who attacked Syrian voters on Thursday.

The Syrian ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdelkarim Ali, described the attacks as “regrettable,” urging all forces and official apparatus at the Interior Ministry, the Prime Ministry, the Presidency, the Lebanese Army Command, and security forces to take action.

“What is happening is damaging the image of Lebanon, and I’m grateful for the cooperation of the Army Command, the Ministry of Interior, and all officials,” Ali stated.

“However,” he continued, “what is happening in terms of attacks, including the breaking of cars and buses and the injury of Syrian brothers, I see this as a direct offense to the dignity of the Lebanese as well as the Syrian citizen.”

The diplomat stressed that the crowds of Syrian voters should make Lebanese people happy.

“… If you are serious about the issue of the return of the displaced, you should be happy with the election turnout at the embassy, and this needs an arrangement from the governments of the two countries,” he added.

Reiterating his call for the Lebanese authorities to intervene, Ali announced that the attorneys of the Syrian Embassy in Beirut had been asked to file lawsuits against the assailants.

Earlier on Thursday, Lebanese people assaulted Syrian nationals who were on their way to the Syrian Embassy to cast their ballots in the 2021 Syrian presidential election.