Syria Is Complaining About Lebanon’s Border Watchtowers

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In a recent development along the Lebanese-Syrian border, tensions have escalated as Syria formally addresses its concerns regarding the increased installation of Lebanese Army border watchtowers.

The Syrian government, through an official letter delivered to Lebanon’s authorities, has labeled these towers as a threat to its national security.

According to Al-Akhbar newspaper, Syria claims the towers are housing sensitive surveillance equipment.

Contrarily, the British embassy in Lebanon has defended the initiative, emphasizing its role in bolstering Lebanese state sovereignty along the volatile border.

The deployment of four Land Border Regiments by the Lebanese Army, coupled with the watchtower initiative, is portrayed as a crucial measure to maintain stability and prevent illicit activities such as smuggling.

Syria’s letter alleges that the intelligence gathered by these towers has been utilized by the Israeli enemy to conduct strikes deep within Syrian territory.

Sources close to the British embassy express satisfaction with their ongoing support for the Lebanese Army and border regiments, highlighting the effectiveness of the watchtowers in identifying and thwarting illegal activities.

Lebanon hosted the highest number of refugees per capita, mostly due to the influx of 2 million Syrian refugees at the peak of the crisis.

More recently, the Lebanese Army has been thwarting an increasing number of attempts by Syrians sneaking into the country with anywhere from 800 to 1,500 Syrians per week.

The poorly guarded Lebanon-Syrian border has been the main point of smuggling and arms supply for Hezbollah – with whom Syria is an ally.

The Syrian regime violently occupied Lebanon for almost 30 years until their withdrawal following mass demonstrations by the Lebanese people – dubbed the Cedar Revolution.

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