Syrian Missile Crashes In Lebanon After Israeli Attack From Lebanese Airspace

Syrian Missile Crashes In Lebanon After Israeli Attack From Lebanese Airspace

A Syrian surface-to-air missile crashed in following an Israeli attack on the Syrian capital on Thursday morning.

According to Syria‘s state-run news agency, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the Syrian Army’s air defense system responded in the early hours of Thursday to an Israeli missile attack on Syrian territory.

The burst of missiles, which targeted several sites around Damascus at around 12:56 AM local time, came from inside the Lebanese airspace, according to SANA, and most of the missiles were successfully eliminated by Syrian defenses.

Nonetheless, the attack resulted in the injury of 4 soldiers and some material damages.

In addition to that, the incident ended up causing one of the launched Syrian surface-to-air missiles to fall into Lebanese territory.

According to the National News Agency (NNA), a missile had been pursuing an Israeli warplane from Syria when it fell in the Roueisat area of the southern border village of Houla.

The Syrian surface-to-air missile that crashed in Lebanon on Thursday.

The missile crash gave off a loud blast that was heard in several areas in southern at around 1 AM.

This is not the first time Israeli aircraft attacks Syrian targets from .

Back in January, its jets attacked Syria as they passed over Lebanon, resulting in multiple blasts that were heard by residents in northern areas of the country. A similar attack took place in December 2020.

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