Man Behind Facebook Page Arrested For Inciting Syrians Against Lebanese Army

According to LBC, the Internal Security Forces Information Branch arrested the man behind the Facebook Page “Union of Syrian People in Lebanon”. The man, who has been identified as Hani al-Hussein, has been arrested for allegedly calling for a protest against the Lebanese Armed Forces. The 24-year-old Syrian national was arrested in Ain el Helwe a few hours ago and is now being interrogated. The page was organizing a demonstration on Tuesday to protest the “treatment of Syrian refugees by the Lebanese Army”. A counter protest was organized at the same place and time by the families of the fallen Lebanese soldiers as well as the supporters of the Lebanese Army. The Interior Minister was urged to cancel the demonstrations as many groups said they will take matters into their own hands to cancel the anti-Lebanese Army protest if the state didn’t. The Interior Minister has since issued a statement saying that no protests will be allowed to take place. The call for protests against the Lebanese Army has resulted in widespread outrage among the Lebanese people – calling it anti-Lebanon. Many are outraged by the fact that they are calling for these protests, despite Lebanon hosting an estimated 2 million Syrian refugees. The Lebanese Army is highly perceived by the Lebanese people. Many credit our unity and peace to the Army. It is also seen as the only institution that is not corrupt in Lebanon. Recently, the

Lebanese Army raided a Syrian refugee camp

to arrest individuals suspected of planning mass terrorist attacks on Lebanese soil. During the raid, the 5 suicide bombers attacked the Lebanese soldiers. 355 Syrians were arrested, 4 of whom died while in custody. In the past few years, the Lebanese Army has been facing Daesh-affiliated groups in the border town of Arsal. Dozens of soldiers were kidnapped, killed and some are still missing at the hands of Daesh (ISIS). The Lebanese Army has taken pre-emptive policies towards terrorism. These policies are credited for the lack of successful terrorist attacks.

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Source: LBC

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