Toters Drivers Were Just Ambushed & Attacked At Moudir Building In Jal el Dib

A group has targeted Syrian delivery drivers at the Moudir Building, where Toters’ headquarters occupy the ground, first, and fourth floors.

The 961 News team, located on the 7th floor, heard yelling and immediately went out to film, capturing the motorcycles arriving and the entire incident through exclusive footage.

In response to the recent incident, many employees working the night shift at companies in the building fled out of fear for their safety. The Information Division (Maaloumet) has increased patrols in the area.

Meanwhile, Toters drivers are reportedly taking cover in the parking lot, and many have been instructed to remove their Toters branding to avoid being targeted further.

This was done reportedly in retaliation for the previous night’s attack by Syrians in Doura.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Interior issued a notice of a crackdown against Syrian drivers operating illegal motorcycles. Toter’s delivery fleet mostly consists of Syrian drivers who are frequently seen on the roads without plates.

This isn’t the first time Toters delivery drivers come under attack. Just over 2 years ago, Toters’ security told 961 they were instructed to “end the protest” after Toters drivers were protesting poor wages. The video of their security beating the drivers can be seen here.

This alarming event comes after two years of ongoing complaints lodged by 961 and other tenants in the building. These complaints have been directed at Toters’ and the building’s management, citing various safety concerns.

Issues include sexual harassment of women in the parking area, exposing their private parts to female employees leaving the building, vandalism of property and cars, trespassing onto 961’s space, and even urinating on cars.

Despite these serious allegations, no corrective action has been taken by either Toters’ or the building’s management.

Adding another layer to this story, Toters opened a warehouse on the ground floor a year and a half ago after reportedly being evicted from Mazraat Yachoua by the municipality due to disturbances and safety concerns.

Residents of Jal el Dib have told 961 that ever since Toters opened their warehouse, they have experienced confrontations and have felt the area become unsafe.

Unknown drivers often linger late into the night on the main roads, causing unease among the residents. It’s not uncommon for the 961 team to see a lady yelling from her balcony at home at the drivers for disturbance. These concerns were reportedly conveyed to the Jal el Dib municipality, but no action was taken.

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