Lebanon’s Social Security Doubled The Tariff On Dialysis Sessions


The Director-General of the National Social Security Fund, Dr. Mohammad Karaki, raised the tariff for a dialysis session from 500,000 LL to 1,000,000 LL.

Additionally, the fee for the treating doctor was raised from 75,000 LL to 200,000 LL.

In this context, Dr. Karaki stressed that the hospitals that have a contract with the fund, must charge their fees according to this tariff and not charge the insured patients with any financial differences.

In case additional sums of money were requested from these patients, Dr. Karaki directed them to submit complaints to the administrative observers and the observing doctors in all hospitals contracting with the fund.

Dr. Karaki renewed his appeal to the Lebanese authority to assume its responsibilities and to quickly decide on the file of raising hospital and medical tariffs, especially after presenting a series of proposed feasible solutions that will secure the necessary funding for this increase.

He also thanked the Minister of Finance, Youssef Al-Khalil, who promised to provide the fund with an amount of 125 billion LBP this week in order to secure the necessary funding to increase dialysis tariffs.

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Lebanon's Social Security Doubled The Tariff On Dialysis Sessions

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