TasteAtlas Ranked The Fattoush Salad Among The Top 5 Best In The World

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In Lebanon, the traditional Fattoush is probably the most consumed salad across the country, and it is the 2nd favorite of the Lebanese after the Tabbouleh, “the queen of salads.”

The Fattouch brings together in one fresh and invigorating dish a variety of healthy leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, spring onions, and Lebanese toasted (or fried) bread. Some households maintain the traditional recipe by adding pomegranate kernels.

What makes this delicious salad unique among its peers in the world is the Sumac, which gives its particular flavor of lemony delight.

TasteAtlas, a travel guide-like that showcases traditional food and recipes of countries across the world, ranked the Fattoush salad among the 5 tops in the world.

The platform also provides food reviews and research articles about the historical ingredients and dishes, and it is no surprise that the Fattoush salad found its prominent place among them.

Out of the top 10 Best Rated Salads in the World, the Fattoush was ranked in the 5th position. The Shopska Salad of Bulgaria ranked 4th, the Japanese Goma Wakame ranked 3rd, the Bulgarian Ovcharska Salad ranked 2nd, and The Greek Dakos took the 1st position.

Lebanese cuisine has countless fans all over the world and for a good reason. In addition to its deliciousness, many of its dishes are recommended by world nutritionists for their health and organic features.

With the rise of the vegan and vegetarian trends, Lebanese food has gained even more popularity around the world for its variety of dishes concurring with the healthy movements.

After all, Lebanese cuisine boasts traditional vegetarian and vegan recipes ever since the Lent become an essential observance in the Christian communities some 2000 years ago.

Here are some of the most popular ones.

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