Taxi Drivers Clash With The Lebanese Army At Beirut Airport

Screenshots Of The Video

Taxi drivers clashed with the Lebanese Army in front of Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport on Wednesday as they tried to protest the lockdown measures that prevent them from working.

A video circulating on social media shows more a number of taxi drivers engaging in violent clashes with soldiers near the entrance of the airport.

Prior to the clash, the taxi drivers blocked the road to the airport with their vehicles in protest against the strict lockdown rules in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, which has been preventing them from working and transporting travelers to hotels across the country.

The government has only allowed cars and buses sent strictly by hotels to transport travelers since the new lockdown rules, which are applicable until January 25th, require that those arriving in Beirut must quarantine in a hotel for 72 hours.

When the taxi drivers first arrived at the airport to protest, some were angered to see that the drivers from hotels are there working. They went pounding their fists on cars and displaying their disapproval of the measures that left them without work or income.

“We want to eat,” some taxi drivers shouted.

Dani Hassoun, one of the protesting drivers, told local TV channel Al-Jadeed that around 250 drivers had been left with no income because of the lockdown decision.

“We are in pain, some of us are going hungry,” he said.

In an attempt to restore order, the Army clashed with the drivers. At least three people were injured, with one person currently hospitalized with a punctured lung.

This comes after taxi drivers protested in Tripoli against the recent lockdown measures. One of the protesters was seen in a video trying to set himself on fire.

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