There’s A Taxi In Lebanon That Offers Rides To Pets!

Only pet owners know how hard it is to find a pet-friendly taxi. However, there’s a new taxi in Lebanon that offers rides to our furry friends! Petaxi provides a lot of useful services. It can take your pet to: – The pet groomer: the driver will drop your pet off the groomer and attend their appointment. – The vet: Petaxi will also make sure that your pet attends all their vet appointments on time! – The airport: if you’re traveling with your pet and they can’t fit in your car, you can use Petaxi to take your pet to the airport. If you want to go to the appointments with your pets, you can also use this taxi. Petaxi is pet-friendly and human-friendly at the same time! The best part of all of this is that you can go for a car ride with your pet! The van is equipped with some really good 

air purifiers for dander

since they carry so many animals and I have to say, I couldn’t smell any other animals in there! Whether you want to go to a beach or café where pets are allowed, you can make sure that there’s an easy way to bring your pet along with you. To see how it works, check out the

video for a comical example of how to do it but essentially, you should call Petaxi a day in advance to book your ride. If you’re accompanying your pet, they can sit in the car as long as they’re on a leash. However, if your pet is riding the taxi without you, you should put them in a crate. The taxi is pretty big, so it fits pets of all sizes. The prices of the services vary. For more info, check Petaxi’s Facebook


or call +961 3 424 800.

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