Fact Check: Did 100 Members Just Resign From Tayyar?


Social media flooded with shares of the news that Tayyar members were mass resigning from their party after FPM Leader Gebran Bassil’s speech on Sunday. In contrast, the hashtag “Aouni until death” began trending.

Claim: About 100 FPM members in Jbeil submitted their resignation because of the behavior of their leader.

Verdict: FPM leadership denied the claim.

Context: A leading news agency reported that 100 Tayyar’s members resigned in Jbeil because of the head of the commission Adib Gebran’s actions.

According to the agency’s sources, these actions “are far from something called reform, change, and transparency, as they say, and the issue is no longer bearable.”

It also shared that Gebran Bassil, leader of the Tayyar, has called for a meeting with the resigned members to manage and contain the matter.

The same news agency that reported the story later published the Tayyar’s response that denied the claim.

Lebanon24 later shared that the ‘Tayyar’ has denied the mass resignations and the party stressed that the news is completely false and that differences in opinion and views are normally dealt with internally.

Internally, though, things are not as smooth as it sounds. There has been some serious legal turbulence with a lawsuit filed by a Tayyar deputy against a Tayyar member and former deputy.

There is also reportedly opposition from within the Tayyar as its followers are also suffering the crisis along with the rest of the Lebanese citizens, and are indicating the mismanagement and financial deterioration of their economy.

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