Lebanese School Teacher Joined a Car Theft Gang and Just Got Arrested

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A short while ago, a new gang appeared in Lebanon that specialized in car theft; not any kind of cars, however, only Hyundai Tucson. This gang has been active and in motion in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The recurrent robberies drove the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon to carry out investigations, attempting to catch the gang members and arrest them.

One of the patrols of the Information Division managed to set an ambush on the Zahle / Baalbek Highway, looking for one specific Hyundai Tucson that was later returned to its owner.

They arrested a suspect while she was transporting the stolen car from Mount Lebanon and to Baalbeck.

The ISF was able to fully identify her as a Lebanese woman born in 1980, a teacher whose name wasn’t fully revealed but for her initials: R.D.

Captured at the scene, she was brought in for investigation. On interrogation, R.D. admitted that she was working as a contracting teacher at a school located in Hermel – Baalbek before an acquaintance asked her to get into ‘business’. The business, of course, being a car theft gang.

Her new job was to transport stolen cars from Hazmiyeh in Beirut to the Bekaa in exchange for a good amount of money. The teacher agreed, leaving her teaching job, and joining the gang about a month ago, during which she executed four operations.

The legal measures were conducted against R.D. and the ISF is set to arrest all those involved, aka the other gang members.

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