Video: Furious Lebanese Teacher Gives Class In Car While Waiting In Gas Station Line

Video: Lebanese Teacher Gives Class In Car While Waiting In Gas Station Line
@MMas2ool | Al-Modon/Abbas Salman

A teacher in Lebanon has shared a video in which she complained about the gasoline problem that has been forcing people to wait in long lines to reach gas stations.

“I’m an online teacher. I’m now teaching online while waiting in the gasoline line to refuel because after [Eid Al-Fitr], I can’t go back to school and teach if I don’t refuel gasoline,” the angry teacher said in the video, which she recorded from inside her car.

The video shows a long line of cars in front of the teacher, all waiting for their turn to refuel.

“I’m giving the online class now,” she cried as she pointed her camera to the passenger seat, showing the open books that she was using for the online lesson.

The Tripoli-based teacher addressed the video to the caretaker minister of education, the minister of interior, and the rest of the political class in Lebanon.

“… Shame on you, and more shame on the silent people,” she said after blasting her country’s politicians, demanding that they resign.

This teacher’s complaint echoes that of countless Lebanese who have no choice but to wait in the streets for hours on end, just to receive a day’s worth or two of gasoline for their cars.

While officials have assured the public that there is no gasoline shortage in Lebanon, gas stations across the country have been severely rationing their reserves or closing completely, monopolizing fuel as people suffer.

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