Lebanese Teachers Supervising The Official Exams Will Get Paid In USD

Brevet Is Officially Cancelled For Lebanese Students, Here Are The Details
Beirut Daily

Concerns over the possibility of cancellation of the official exams have been rising in Lebanon as the socio-economic status seems too weak to handle their occurrence.

As the local currency loses its value gradually every day and experiences the most unstable state it has ever witnessed in its history, teachers who will be responsible for supervising official exams have directly stated that they want their salaries to be paid in USD in order to participate in these exams.

Education minister, Abbas Al Halabi, has confirmed that he will be giving the teachers what they have asked for by allocating each teacher $18 per day of supervising. He stressed his desire to have the official exams on time without any disruption.

Teachers have hinted at accepting Al Halabi’s offer as preparations for the official exams resume smoothly.

Both teachers and students are expected to be present in their assigned exam centers starting June 25, 2022 – the first day of the first round of the official exams.

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