Lebanese Authorities Use Tear Gas & Rubber Bullets Against Protesters In Tripoli

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It was another tense night of massive civil unrest for Tripoli as the Lebanese Armed Forces mobilized to break apart clashes between protesters and security forces in the northern capital.

On Tuesday, the crowd of protesters only got bigger after riot police used brutal force against civilians the previous night injuring dozens.

Around 200 people confronted Lebanese authorities at and near Tripoli’s Al-Nour Square on Tuesday, as well as in between the city’s alleys.

With intense anger, they fought against authorities throwing anything they could get their hands on. Some protesters even set fire to a police station in Al-Tal in retaliation.

Amid the chaos in Tripoli, a father handed his 2-year-old daughter to a soldier saying he did not have a single lira left to feed her. He reportedly already lost his other daughter recently because he was unable to treat her.

Struck with Lebanon’s economic crash, the already-struggling families in Tripoli have been hit the hardest. The lockdown exacerbates their poor living condition, by cutting off their daily source of income.

Tripolitan protesters of all ages resisted as much as they could until they eventually retreated as security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets.

According to the Lebanese Red Cross, at least six people were injured and transported to local hospitals for treatment while 17 others were treated on site.

Protesters in the southern city of Sidon also took to the streets on Tuesday evening in solidarity with the residents of Tripoli.

Riot police also moved to stop protests in the Beirut district of Corniche Al-Mazraa on Tuesday.

People across Lebanon are protesting the ongoing lockdown in which the government did not provide vulnerable residents with aid to survive from day to day.

The lockdown is only aggravating people’s living situation as many rely on daily wages to provide food for their families.

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