Telecom Minister Said He Will Resign If All Ministers Don’t Resign En Masse

Beirut Port Explosion caused wrecks, victims, riots, and politicians to start resigning.

Paula Yacoubian, Samy Gemayel and his party deputies, Nemat Frem, Michel Moaward, and others have resigned, followed today by the Minister of Justice and so on.

Many of these resignations stated that they do not want to partake in a criminal government.

Apparently, many others are waiting for all the government to resign instead of taking their individual stance.

Telecommunications Minister Talal Hawwat stated via LBCI: “In case the government won’t resign today, I will for sure.”

People rioting on the streets have been demanding the resignation of the government, due to their incompetence. So, far many have complied with their demands.

Rumors are circulating on social media regarding the government’s full resignation today, which could be unlikely considering the powerful grip Iran-backed Hezbollah party has on those remaining…

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