This internet service provider is offering free internet to communities in Lebanon!

TerraNet, an internet service provider in Lebanon, launched a new initiative called #GetOnline that aims at connecting schools and communities in Lebanon with a free and fast internet connection. The internet is essential these days for education and work. Unfortunately, many underprivileged communities in Lebanon do not have access to the web. Even though many people talk about the harmful effects of the internet, we cannot deny the fact that being online helps us to learn more. So, the following schools will get a high-speed internet connection with parental control and installation from TerraNet for free:

  • Intilaka School (Akkar)
  • Zein El Abidin (Beka)
  • Goodwill School (Beit Misk)
  • Lycee Notre Dame de Maghdouche (Maghdouche)

Also, a community center in Tripoli called “Kahwetna” will receive free internet. This center is an educational and a cultural space that offers a safe and a welcoming environment for the people of Jabal Mohsen and Beb El Tebbeneh. Kudos to TerraNet for this great initiative!

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