The Lebanese People Want To March To Baabda To Demand Justice


Over a week later, Beirut is still dazed. Did that really happen? There are over 170 victims who have lost their lives to the explosion and succumbed to injuries too great to bear.

Residents nearby the port have lost almost everything. Family members, friends; all victims of negligence. Their homes have been destroyed and become uninhabitable because government officials turned a blind eye.

“You knew.” A haunting shudder comes with the realization that President Michel Aoun was aware of the volatile material and the dangers it posed on the people of his country. And so did the now-former Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

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Repeat after me…

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What the people can’t seem to swallow is that both top officials of Lebanon acted surprised when the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in the Port blew Beirut into pieces, and they promised to punish the perpetrators.

“I will not rest until we find those responsible […] and impose the most severe punishment on them,” said Hassan Diab following the explosion.

He continued, “For it is unacceptable that an ammonium nitrate shipment estimated at 2,750 tones was placed in a warehouse for 6 years without taking the preventive measures that protect citizens.”

And yet, he knew, according to reports coming to light. So what was that speech about?

The people feel even more furious that the officials still try to deceive them with these speeches, and even more so that their president knew and yet stated, “I am no responsible.”

The revolution has had demands since October 17th but now they want justice for the mass murder of Beirut explosion.

And because their President knew and didn’t do anything to prevent it, they are calling for a march to the presidential palace in Baabda on August 18th under the title: “We want to hold you accountable.”

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To Baabda palace on Tuesday 18th of August at 4 pm

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Beirut is currently under the State of Emergency, with the army in charge. However, since Baabda is not part of Beirut, the people are taking their Thawra along with their demands for justice to Baabda.

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