Thawrat Al Fallahin Palace in 15 beautiful pictures

Another landmark of Jezzine District is the old Palace built by the former Member of Parliament for Jezzine Doctor of Medicine Farid Serhal in the year 1964.


Via Karim Abou El Joud

The architecture of the big house was inspired by books that Serhal had collected. Hundreds of books on Greek and Roman sculpture and on all kinds of art, whether Byzantine, Arab, Italian Renaissance, French, or Spanish.

There were the most beautiful castles and palaces of Paris, the river Loire, London, Persia, Ancient Egypt, and Russia of the Czars.


It was Dr. Serhal’s dream and vision, a perfectly put together puzzle of eclectic architectural elements from a different civilization.

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Via Karim Abou EL Joud

The palace is built in an Andalusian architecture style also known as Moorish architecture and usually found in North Africa, Spain, and Portugal. 

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A score of stonemasons worked there every day. They reproduced, with perfect exactitude capitals, details, structures, reliefs, moldings, and projections to make this dream come true.

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The orientally styled palace is full of valuable antiques, mosaics, sculptures, and carpets. In fact, Dr Serhal went around the antique dealers of Damascus, Aleppo, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.

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This surgeon transformed into a creative architect had the largest and most beautiful collection of shisha (water-pipes or hookahs) of every kind, form, period, and material. The same may be said for his vases of opaline, cut glass, paintings, and sculptures.

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Via Karim Abou El Joud

The palace is now used as an event venue, such as weddings and other special occasions.

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It has become an important attraction of the region as it attracts locals as well as tourists who visit Jezzine.

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Dr Farid Serhal’s palace has recently gained important popularity after the shooting of the Lebanese historical series “Thawrat Al Fallahin” in its halls.


Unfortunately, Dr Serhal passed away before being able to witness the completed work of his imagination’s masterpiece. 

Via Karim Abou El Joud

Via Karim Abou El Joud


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