The 10 Breakfast Spots You Must Check Out in Beirut with Your BFF

Everyone has a favorite meal time. Some people like dinner because it brings them the most comfort. Some people like lunch because it fuels them midday. Others, comme moi, prefer the delights of breakfast. Let’s take a look at where we wish we can have our morning start every day, rather than just munching on our labne sandwiches on our way to work whilst stuck in traffic.


#1 Paul (Multiple Branches)

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Not really shocking that Paul is number one on the list. Nonetheless, it’s Paul and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Their fresh bread, pastries, and fluffy omelet are not to miss. Honestly, I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t be complaining about this B-Fast every day.


#2 Four Seasons (Downtown Beirut)

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This is my personal favorite. I could actually dream of their generous display of literally EVERYTHING. Their widespread buffet of loaves of bread, desserts, yogurts, fruits, and cheeses keeps me coming back for more. That buffet is everything. The seating is even better, with your choice of eggs; either poached or scrambled. Ask for the eggs benedict with salmon, which is always a charm. Then comes the dessert, whether pancakes or waffles (or both!),  you would go full for a week!


#3 Em Sherif Café (Downtown Beirut)

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It’s Saturday morning, and you have a full day of running errands around downtown. Why not begin your day with a good breakfast in one of Lebanon’s hotspots like Em Sherif” It has the perfect array of authentic Lebanese breakfast!


#4 Bartartine (Multiple Branches)

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Bartartine is another franchise we love. You can find Bartartine all around Lebanon, serving the most delicious international cuisine for breakfast. It’s also community friendly with multiple destinations.


#5 Fiber (Multiple Branches)

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On a diet? I hate to be you, but at least you can have delicious breakfast options at Fiber that are low-cal and super clean. The best thing about Fiber is that they deliver, and you can have your breakfast carried right to your house just before your morning workout. Enjoy some good breakfast without worrying about the calories!


#6 Ka’ak Abou Arab (Multiple Branches)

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Yes, you read it right. Okay so, it’s not really an eat-in but it’s a Lebanese charm and I couldn’t compile this breakfast spots’ list and not have Ka’ak Abou Arab. Their warm ka’aks and fillings are a pure delight! 


#7 Al Soussi Restaurant (Multiple Branches)

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Foul? Check. Hummus? Check. Vegetables? Check. We can call it a day because we’ll be full for hours after eating this protein-filled meal. Al Soussi is purely authentic Lebanese, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


#8 Lilly’s Café (Downtown and ABC Verdun)

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Is anyone else feeling the picturesque Parisian vibes? Lilly’s is the perfect place to imagine yourself having a delicious breakfast in Paris. Make sure you try their array of desserts.


#9 Wooden Bakery (Multiple Branches)

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On a road trip to literally anywhere, you will always find a wooden bakery. It’s safe to say that you will definitely carbo-load on mana2ish, croissants, and donuts whilst picking up a few “snacks” on your long drive.


#10 Al Falamanki (Raouche and Sodeco)

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Just because it’s 5 am, and the after-after party is over, it doesn’t mean it isn’t breakfast time. You see the sun on your way out of the party, that means its time for breakfast. Al- Falamanki, always a classic, always a gem, and always purely Lebanese!


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