The 10 Lebanese Apps You Need to Have While in Lebanon

Yes, we have those in Lebanon and we have plenty of valuable ones; many created by Lebanese people or companies. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, a local or a foreign tourist, you will find this ultimate guide to the needed apps in Lebanon very useful. Let’s check them out!


#1  Keefak

Via Google Play

This is your ideal handy App if you are visiting or touring Lebanon and you don’t know our Lebanese language or know very little of it. Keefak, which means “how are you” in Lebanese, is also convenient to expand your Arabic dictionary. The app was founded by Hady El-Khoury, a Lebanese Telecom Engineer and Cybersecurity Interpreter, while in France with a team of 6 other Lebanese.

We recommend visitors and tourists, as well as foreign residents like diplomats and their family members, to download this app to make it easy for them to communicate with us locals in our native tongue. It has many options to understand the Lebanese dialect.


#2 WhereLeb

Via App Store

Another great app we recommend for visitors as well as locals, WhereLeb has everything you need to guide you to local businesses and professional individuals in Beirut. From looking for places to visit or explore or shop and choosing where to eat based on cuisine types, to finding a dentist or a bank or a nursery near you and check available movies, the theaters where they are running, and their timings. 

An extra plus for this app is the availability of people’s reviews who have tried these places or dealt with these professionals.


#3 Quandoo

Via App Store

Founded by Samer Choumar, Quandoo is a very convenient app that makes it easy on you to find and book a reservation in restaurants while in Lebanon. You don’t need to make a phone call anymore. With just a click on a button, you get your reservation all set! 


#4 Lebanon Movie Guide App

Via App Store

Created by Lebanon-based labs Eurisko Mobility,  Lebanon Movie Guide is the perfect app to coordinate the perfect movie times for anyone who constantly goes to the movies. It shows all the timings and ratings as well.


#5 Kitabi by EduLab

Via Apk Pure

Created by Lebanese software and publishing company Edulab, this app is the best friend of Lebanese school students who can use this app to access academic books from their tablets.

The plus of this app is that it comes with interactive features for texts’ highlighting, notes’ adding, and keywords’ searching, among other useful features. Parents of young students can also encourage their kids to read in a fun way using this app. 


#6 Beirut Electricity Cut Off

Via App Store

Now, this is something you really need to have in Lebanon, considering our issue with the irregular supply of electricity from the government. Created by Moustafa Baalbaki, this app allows you to track the timings of Beirut electricity, which helps you know when you should or not turn on both the hairdryer and AC at the same time! The app is restricted to Beirut only, unfortunately. 


#7 Careem/ Uber Apps

Via Ary News

While Uber is the most widely known in the world, Careem was the “uber” of Lebanon and the MENA region until Uber acquired it. However, Careem still operates under its name, and its App to order rental rides is very popular in Lebanon. It was actually voted as the Best Local App in 2016 by Google Play Store.

Both Uber App and Careem App provide the same fast and convenient services at a relatively reasonable price and with always exceptional discount deals.


#8 Tari’Ak Live Traffic App

Via App Advice

Another most convenient app for residents and drivers in Lebanon, “Your Road Live Traffic” App was created to minimize the risk of getting stuck in traffic. Considering the frustrating traffic issue we deal with in Lebanon, we do recommend this mobile app that provides you real-time traffic data, monitors traffic intensity on roads for you to avoid. and guides you to take more open roads. 


#9 Anghami

Via Anghami

Everyone knows Lebanese people come as a nonstop party. Wherever we are in the world, our natural lively vibes tag along with us.  It is no different when we are in Lebanon, and the Anghami App got us covered in that regard. The app has an infinite amount of songs, making it pleasing to everyone. You can also sing along because you’ll be able to see the lyrics once you subscribed.


#10 Virgin Radio Lebanon

Via App Advice

This app does not only stream ongoing music for you, it also allows you to communicate with the radio station with your preferences, and even what you would like to listen to of more or of less. And you can enjoy it wherever you are. Thus, making it pretty convenient for people who want to listen to the radio hosts, and don’t have a radio station nearby.


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