Meet the 11-Year-Old Who Could Be Your Next Tour Guide In Saida


At only 11, Abdel Rahman Farran is on his way to fame; he’s Saida’s youngest tour guide and a fast-rising local celeb. With a deep-rooted passion for his hometown’s rich history, he’s got tourists and locals alike listening and learning in awe.

Saida is not just another city in Lebanon; it’s a coastal gem with Phoenician roots, located just 30km south of Beirut. Known to many as the “fishing town,” it holds a prominent place in Lebanon’s history.

“I am the youngest tour guide here,” Abdel Rahman proudly announces as he winds his way through Saida’s old marketplace.

Local vendors, like Ahmed Badei, affirm his local stardom. “He knows the area really well,” says Ahmed.

Charging only 500,000 Lebanese pounds for an educational and entertaining 15-minute stroll through history, Abdel Rahman is in this game for the love of it. “He was always curious about Saida’s history,” says his mom, Houda.

One of his favorite spots to show around is The Khan Sacy Museum. It’s an ancient stone building that houses relics from centuries ago. “I want people to understand Saida,” he says with conviction.

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But Abdel Rahman, a Palestinian youth, has dreams beyond the tours; he wants to be a history teacher one day. Amid Lebanon’s dire economic crisis, he’s a shining example of youthful resilience.

So if you’re in Saida and you want to dive into its history, keep an eye out for Abdel Rahman. He’s not your regular tour guide; he’s a symbol of hope and enterprise in challenging times.

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