The 20+ Absolute Stupidest Things People Really Said So Far About Coronavirus

CNN | r/trashy

From silly comments to conspiracy theories, people around the world are pouring their analytical ‘skills’ and fears online and offline, even if these two seem to be influencing each other, the latter topping over most of the time.

Overall, there have been really stupid things people have said about and around coronavirus so far (surely more on the way). Let’s take a look!

#1 Some are really still wondering if it’s real

It even got some likes!

#2 It’s the Aliens!

Finally a Coronavirus theory that makes sense from r/insanepeoplefacebook

Oh well…well… As if humans haven’t ever spread things in the air.. The fellow never heard of air pollution.

#3 A trick to implant tracking chips

#4 Bill Gates is behind it all

Caught on Twitter

Some 80% of these some 300 voters seem to agree, mind you… Got to say, people so love conspiracy theories!

#5 Apple knew it was coming

Gets you wondering what Apple could possibly benefit from it, seriously.

#6 Population control conspiracy

Via BuzFeed

Another conspiracy theory… and the fellow is “honestly thinking” about it.

#7 On Coronavirus imposing Social Distancing

#8 A hoax conspiracy by 5G

5G did guys from r/trashy

And the fellow is seriously making sure everybody gets to know it whenever he drives around.

#9 Wondering if the Flu Shot caused it

Via Buzzfeed

#10 ‘Late revenge’ conspiracy


#11 It’s all about the Hong Kong protest


Because there was no other way than causing a worldwide pandemic?

#12 On the benefits

Only if the environment can survive with too many affected humans, dude!

#13 It’s all about impeaching Trump

He seems to have even figured out all the who, where, and how.

#14 The UK scientists planned it

#15 The upcoming baby boom is about toilet papers

#16 Meant to squash all recent revolutions

#17 Silly but funny

Translating: “The one who has corona[virus] is like the one who gets arrested for carrying hashish. He has to give the names of all the people he sits with.”

#18 On Toilet Papers and 911

CNN | RuinMyWeek

#19 All by Design baby!

It sounds like every word with 6 letters is conspiracy-related (even if the math is wrong!)

#20 The Simpsons would know

#21 And here comes the funny fatalists

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