The 40 coldest days of winter just started in Lebanon

In a country where all four seasons are strongly present, it is important to embrace the cold as well as the heat!


In fact, as of December 22nd, Lebanon is said to have entered the 40 coldest days of winter.

Extreme cold weather, alongside heavy rains, hail showers, and snowfalls are expected during these 40 days when cold winds affect the region.

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The department of meteorology of civil aviation predicted that the weather will lead to frost formation on the mountains roads starting from the altitude of 1400 meters, and snow falling at the altitude of 1100m and above.

This 40-day period is a yearly awaited meteorological event called “Marbaniyeh”, which means forty, that hits this region.

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Temperatures during this period range between an average high of 12.7°C and an average low of 3.8°C.

Lebanese road safety authorities are putting measures in order to avoid floods, heavy traffic jams, and water-related problems.

People are asked to respect the regulations that will be put by authorities to ensure public safety.


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In case you are fond of sipping a hot chocolate next to the chimney or you can’t wait to hit the slopes, you’re going to love these 40 days

Ski season is already open in Lebanon. The upcoming snowfalls only mean that snow will fill our mountains for an even longer time.


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In the meantime, keep yourself warm, avoid any unnecessary outings in case of heavy rainfall!

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