The Arab League Is Offering to Help Lebanon Resolve Its Crisis

The regional Arab League organization based in Egypt expressed its full support of Lebanon and its people on Thursday, November 28, in an attempt to help Lebanon get back on its feet and get the closure the revolution wants and needs.


The Arab League (AL) announced in a statement its readiness to provide assistance to Lebanon, both politically and economically, affirming its support of Lebanon in this crisis and expressing its willingness to help.

The statement was made during President Michel Aoun’s visit to the deputy secretary-general of the Arab League, Hossam Zaki, on Thursday.

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Mr. Zaki explained in his statement that the assistance that the Arab League is willing to offer Lebanon can be anything needed, whether it is economical or political or any other kind of help. He also insisted that the natural role of the league is to help its members and stand by them through good or bad.

He continued saying: “Everyone knows that the demonstrations in Lebanon, and with the confession of all Lebanese politicians and leaders, are more than rightful in their demands.”

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“But these protests also have an economic price that only heightens the seriousness of the situation, and all of this needs the support of the Lebanese people and of Lebanon,” he stated.

The steps the Arab League intends to take are still undetermined. It is reported that they will announce how and what kind of help it would be, after meetings with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and other Lebanese officials.

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These claims come in a critical point in the rising of events in Lebanon facing serious conflicts from difficult economic and financial scarcities. The crisis is only getting worse by the day because of traders’ monopolism and exploitation, along with banks’ Capital Control and dollar crisis, fuel crisis, and businesses shutting down by the hundreds.

A situation the country was speeding into way before the revolution; the reason why the Lebanese people have revolted and persist in doing so until the officials start acting responsibly and take the status quo with utmost seriousness.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese are, more than ever, holding on to their right to peacefully protest and pressure the authorities for urgent reforms. They are well aware of the uncertainty that lays ahead, as aware as they are of the present times that eventuated from decades of corruption and misgovernance they refuse to return to.

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Even though the situation is bad, they are holding on to their positivity and willpower in their minds and hearts, fiercely determined to help Lebanon get through these hardships.

Whether by sharing their food with each other, donating to different causes, the diaspora supporting from abroad, holding on tightly to their unity, contributing freely their skills and time, or standing against any attempts of sectarian conflict, the Lebanese nation stands stronger than ever, bonded by the great love to their country and the powerful ache for freedom.

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We have seen worse, lived through worse, and got out of it alive and kicking, stronger than ever! Lebanese have always been tough survivors, and these times, they intend to do so, not by yielding and shutting off like we did pre-revolution, but by prevailing with our determination to save our country.

Because if we don’t do so, no one will.

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