Can Everyone Just Relax – The Beirut Airport Is Safe!

Apparently, many Lebanese people (and specifically, bloggers) think an issue that almost every airport in the world faces is only unique to Lebanon. A few bloggers, in the most click-bait way, caused many Lebanese people to freak out early this week. They claimed that “due to birds,” our airport is not safe and a “disaster is waiting to happen.” Okay, please take a chill pill. Birds and airplanes don’t mix, at all. They do pose a threat to airplanes and every now and then, when enough birds fly into an airplane’s engine, it could cause the engine to fail. But that’s why an airplane often has several engines and is more than capable to make an emergency landing on a single engine. The landfill near the airport is attracting birds and yes, it wasn’t the smartest decision where they decided to place it. The airport is also by the water, which is another reason why there would be birds around. Airports all over the world have to come up with ways to deter birds from hanging around the airport. At the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan, a dog named Piper was recruited to help. His job involves him scaring away birds that are hanging out around the runways. Chances Lebanon will train a dog to do that and dress him up to look like a badass is quite slim, I know. Many of these bloggers claimed that nothing will change until after a tragedy or disaster happens (i.e a plane hits a bird then crashes and everyone dies). But that’s far from true. This afternoon, authorities installed bird repellers at the Beirut airport to drive the birds away. So far two devices have been installed and the number will increase to 14 when the process is completed. Authorities also removed four large holes at the airport that were collecting water and attracting birds. I know we like to think we’re special, and sometimes we are, but dealing with “bird-strikes” has been an issue since the invention of the airplane. Specific measures have already been put into effect so please, chill out on the fear-mongering. The Beirut airport is safe. Maybe we can get you one of those dogs, like Piper, to help you feel better?

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