The Best Mother’s Day Tweets From Famous Lebanese Figures

As the Lebanese have been celebrating Mother’s day, social media has been flooding with countless of heartwarming posts and photos all day long. Many of our well-known public figures joined in the tweeting, expressing out loud their love to their mothers with heartfelt messages. 


We picked up the 7 most remarkable celebrity tweets among those that touched our hearts, highlighting the deep love and appreciation we hold for our mothers in Lebanon.

#1 President Michael Aoun


The Lebanese President expressed his love and gratitude to his mother in an emotional tweet that says: “On the day of the free and unlimited love, my thoughts go to you, my mother, there where you are, to thank you for everything that is beautiful in me because I took it from you.”

#2 Carole Samaha


From her side, Lebanese singer Carole Samaha tweeted: “On Mother’s Day, a greeting to every married woman, divorced, widowed and violated for her perseverance in the face of what she has endured in her life. You are to love a headline.”

#3 Sami Gemayel


The leader of the Lebanese Kataeb Party Sami Gemayel tweeted a photo saying “The mother… the school of life.”

#4 Nancy Ajram


Our famous Lebanese singer posted a photo with her mother and tweeted a heartwarming message to her mother:

“You are the first eyes I saw … You are the first voice I heard … You are the first hand I caught … You are the first lap I slept on and the first heart I hugged…The universe is you, and you are the universe. Happy return, mom, so the universe may remain a celebration.” 

She concluded her tweet with a prayerful wish to all, “God bless your mothers and protect them.”


#5 May Chidiac

A heartfelt tweet from our Minister of State for Administrative Development tells her mother, “What can I give you on your day and you are the spring of generosity?!! From you, I know Love, you who is all love, my refuge always and forever… Every day near you is a celebration…”


Minister Chidiac concluded with a wishful greeting to all Lebanese mothers, adding “and the greatest tribute goes to my mother whose embrace remains my source of support, love, and affection.”

#6 Assi Al Halani

Lebanese singer Assi Halani tweeted an old black-and-white photo with his mother, expressing his deep love to her. 


“How can I express what is in my heart longing for you, for if the languages of the world would gather with all their letters I wouldn’t be able to compensate your right, or part of it, for your sacrifices and offerings,” his loving tweet declared. “And your sincere prayers and the echo of your pure voice are still whispering in my ears, and I still derive the blessing and good fortune from these words.”

He concluded with a message to his fans, “God save all your mothers .. Mother’s Day, the day of love and sacrifice.”


#7 Violette Khairallah

In her Mother’s Day tweet, our Minister of State for Social and Economic Rehabilitation for Youth and Women made it a point to acknowledge the mothers in extreme suffering.


From my position as a mother I salute all the Lebanese mothers and say that each of us has a role wherever we are, and together we will turn seeds into solid roots and instil faith in the homeland among our children. A special greeting to the mothers of the martyrs … the mothers of the victims … and the battered mothers…”

The961 wishes prosperity, peace of mind, good health, and happiness to all our mothers inland and abroad.