The Bride of Lebanon’s Revolution Has Its Own Statue Now

Tripoli has amazed and surprised us again and again since 17 October. With their Christmas tree that symbolizes Lebanon’s and the city’s coexistence, the citizens removing all the posters of politicians in the city, the church bells and Azan resounding in unity during one of the protests, and on.


Probably the biggest of all that had all Lebanese people amazed by Tripoli and its people is the fact that their peaceful protest is still strong, the square of protest as crowded, and the people as motivated now as it was on day one of the revolution. And they still find ways to be creative and originative without losing track of their revolutionary goals.

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Their passion for a positive change is real and strong, as we have witnessed: their trip to Beirut to join their fellow protesters outside the assigned PM Hassan Diab’s house, their initiative to raise the Fist of the Revolution in Al Nour Square, as done in many squares and regions all over Lebanon, and more. 


The city was nominated, within the first few days of the Lebanese revolution, The Bride of the Revolution. To honor that designation and the Lebanese women’s essential role in Lebanon’s uprising, a new upcycled statue is now standing in Al-Nour Square representing both the women of the Lebanese Revolution and the Bride of the Revolution. 

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The statue was created by the outstanding Lebanese artist and architect Pierre Abboud, who works in Dubai and recently came back to Lebanon to support and leave his imprint on the Lebanese revolution.


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He is the creator of the impressive “The Revolution is a Woman” (Al Thawra Ontha) that stands in the Martyrs’ Square of Beirut. To create the statue of Tripoli, he headed north to the city and spent several days in a tent at the square of the protests, and brought to life this new revolutionary masterpiece.

This new statute is all made out of recyclable materials and waste picked up from the square and other areas in Tripoli; empty cans as well as broken pieces of glass and mirror to make the dress, which Pierre aimed it to be light reflective.


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Pierre Abboud, who is also an environmentalist, has been creating similar fascinating arts, which are called upcycled arts and trash arts, to raise awareness. He is showcasing to the people and other artists that they can create amazing art while being environmentally mindful to save the environment. 

This is all a part of Pierre’s environmental as well as revolutionary message in Lebanon. He got all kinds of help from the people of Tripoli, whether with collecting recycling materials or with the actual formation of the statute in his little tent.


Meaningful as well is that both statues -Al Thawra Ontha in Beirut and The Bride of the Revolution in Tripoli- stand tall and proud as a statement of sisterhoods between the capital of Lebanon and the capital of the north. A stance that has been remarkably evident and supportive of each other during this revolution.

At around the same time, Tripoli, specifically Al Nour Square, received a tree brought all the way from Marj Bisri, as a way to embody the unity between all regions of Lebanon for the same cause. 

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The People’s Tree, as it is named, was made of tools that have been part of the protests in various Lebanese cities: pots, pans, and spoons. Revolution’s statements have been painted on the pots and pans that form this tree. People claimed that the purpose of this tree is to give their voices and their demands a stronger echo.

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This square in Tripoli that has witnessed so much creativity, strength, and pain in its protests will also be experiencing renewal and joy on New Year’s eve. Tripoli’s revolutionaries announced that they will be celebrating the occasion in El Nour Square, much like the revolutionaries in Beirut will be celebrating in Martyr’s Square.


All these events are the reasons that make the Lebanese revolution so unique and beautiful. The dedication of the people, their creativity in their statements, and their fervent unity never cease to amaze us, and we look forward to seeing more of that!

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