The Christmas Tree in Central Beirut Lit Up with Patriotic Slogans

On Saturday, and few days before Christmas, the protesters who have been going since October 17 set up a Christmas tree for the revolution in downtown Beirut dubbed “Tree of Revolution” with the aim of spreading the spirit of the birth of salvation and the spirit of the revolution.


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In the evening, a crowd of people, as well as the protesters, gathered in downtown Beirut to light up the new and unique Revolution Tree. At the tunes of Fairouz’s “Bhebbak Ya Lebnan” (I love you, Lebanon) and other revolutionary songs, the Christmas tree was lit up in the Martyrs’ Square in central Beirut, in a statement of hope and peace despite the difficult time.

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Journalist Youmna Fawaz, who is one of the organizers of this initiative, told Annahar that the idea started by asking Lebanese people of all ages and sects to send them photos of the revolution. Some artists added these photos together in an artistic way to create this revolution Christmas tree.

Via Annahar – Nabil Ismail

This Christmas tree is an initiative that sends a political and social message, according to Fawaz. She affirmed that the Lebanese people lived a moment of joy in the revolution to rebuild Lebanon, despite all the difficulties and confrontations, and that nothing stops the Lebanese from demanding their rights.


Lebanon this year has been witnessing unique Christmas trees and decorations related to the revolution. People across Lebanon have been setting up creative Christmas trees that have a revolution twist; that of patriotism, coexistence, peace, and unity.

One of those famous Christmas trees is the one that was installed in Tripoli and then burned down by attackers to then be immediately restored the next day by Tripoli’s municipality with the help of the civil society.

Tripoli’s Christmas tree is decorated with the colors and cedar of the Lebanese flag, showing the pure spirit of the city and its people who have proven throughout those two months that their city deserves to be called The Bride of the Revolution. 


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