The complete list of Guinness World Records that Lebanon broke!

From preparing the largest bowl of hummus to designing the most valuable necklace, Lebanon entered the Guinness Book Of World Records many times!


Longest mankoushe

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The Municipality of Rmeileh produced the world’s longest man2oushe during its summer festival. It was 44 meters and 92 centimeters long.


Largest bowl of tabbouleh

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Around 300 people prepared the largest bowl of tabbouleh which is a national dish in Lebanon. The serving weighed 3,557 kilograms. This was part of a festival in Beirut’s Saifi Market where local businesses were selling Lebanese products. This event aimed to show Lebanon’s pride in its national dishes.


Largest serving of falafel

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The famous Lebanese chef Chef Ramzi and his team prepared the largest serving of falafel. It weighed 5,173 kilograms.


Largest seafood display

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Batroun set a new world record after displaying over 2613.8 kg of seafood.


Largest bowl of hummus

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The largest bowl hummus weighs 10,432 kilograms! Lebanon prepared this dish to break the previous record which was set by Israel. Lebanon and Israel have been arguing on the origin of hummus for a long time.


Largest kibbeh

Via Gulf News

A Lebanese NGO called Almidan made the biggest kibbeh in the world. It weighed 233 kilograms. Twenty-five women from Ehden prepared the dish!


Longest iftar table

Ramadan 2017 in Lebanon witnessed the world’s longest iftar table which was 2,184 meters long. The charity organization “Ajialouna” organized the event. This iftar table gathered 5,400 people from all over Lebanon.


Largest mosaic made of recyclable materials

Via Paula Yacoubian

Hundreds of volunteers from across Lebanon joined hands in Waterfront City to build the 971,37-square-meters masterpiece which is made of plastic bottles, cans, and other types of materials. to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling.


Biggest pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness

Via Facebook

The world’s biggest pink ribbon was made of 8,000 pink footballs. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of early detection.



Biggest interactive ceiling roulette

Via Casino du Liban

The dealer and the players play on the roulette table and check the results on the ceiling! 


Longest dabke line

4,475 Lebanese Canadians formed the longest dabke line ever. The dance took place in Montreal.

Longest party

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The Beirut nightclub Nurai hosted a 56-hour long party, the longest party in the world, to break the previous record which was set by Ireland (54 hours).


Largest number of model sports cars and dioramas

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Nabil Karam is a former Lebanese racer and the owner of 37,777 model sports cars and 577 dioramas. He showcases them in his museum which is called the Karam Museum.


Longest interview

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The Lebanese reporter Dalia Freyfer set a Guinness World Record for presenting the longest live television broadcast since 1914. She held 91 interviews in 24 hours.



Mouawad is one of the leading Lebanese jewelry brands. Its mission is to deliver excellence and perfection by creating accessories using the rarest gemstones. This brand broke the following five Guinness World Records.

Most expensive single pear-shaped diamond

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The Mouawad Splendor is one of the rarest diamonds in the world and weighs 101.84 carats. It costs $12.76 million.


Most valuable handbag

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The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse Year costs $3.8 million. The heart-shaped handbag weighs 381.92 carats. It contains gold in addition to yellow, pink, and white diamonds. Artisans worked on the purse for over 8,800 hours.


Most expensive bra

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The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra costs $11 million. It contains white diamonds, yellow-orange sapphires, rhodolites, and amethysts. It weighs 2,200 carats.


Most valuable necklace

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L’Incomparable costs $55 million. This necklace contains yellow and white diamonds in addition to rose gold. The white diamonds, which have the shape of vine leaves, gracefully hold a yellow diamond that was found by a young girl in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Most valuable jewelry box

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The Flower Of Eternity Jewelry Coffer costs $3.5 million. It contains gold, silver, white and yellow diamonds, white and pink sapphires, rubies, and lapis lazuli. The pink heart-shaped petals represent the past, present, and future.



Fastest row across the Indian Ocean

Via Johnny Hassoun

Maxim Chaya and his two crewmates rowed the Indian Ocean in 57 days 15 hours and 49 minutes – which is considered to be the fastest row ever.

Most siblings to complete a marathon on each continent

The most siblings to complete a marathon on each continent is 2 and was achieved by Mustapha and Mazen Mroueih from 8 to 19 February 2015.

The siblings finished the following races:

Australia: Carlton Classic Marathon, Asia: Abu Dhabi Striders Marathon, Europe: Torcy International Marathon, Africa: The Carthage Race, North America: Lincoln’s Birthday International Marathon, South America: Southern Cross Marathon, and Antarctica: Penguin Marathon.



Largest flag

Via Facebook

The largest flag in the world is the Lebanese flag! It has a surface of 65,650 square meters. This record aimed to honor the Lebanese army on its 65th anniversary.


Largest flag made out of notebooks

Via Share The Flag

Share The Flag is an initiative by the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut that seeks to raise awareness on the quality and accessibility of education in public schools in Lebanon. On May 9, the team laid down 60,000 red, white, and green notebooks on the Green Field and broke the Guinness World Record for the largest national flag made out of notebooks.


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