How The Beirut Clashes Started (Video)

Videos circulating on social media show how the deadly clashes ignited on Thursday.

Hezbollah and Amal planned to protest in front of the Justice Ministry. They walked down a road near the Tayyouneh area where events took a violent turn.

Map of Beirut outlining the location of the clashes | Google Earth

At 0:16, the video shows the protest turn very violent with a few of them attacking a local resident to the ground.

However, a throng of men joined the attack while others vandalized cars, threw unidentified items across while shouting “Shia, Shia.”

The Lebanese Army, along with a few people who were part of the protest, can be seen trying to calm them down, to no avail. Things continued to be thrown by both sides.

Then the first shot can be heard, fired towards the crowd. Witnesses said that locals residents fired at the protesters to push them back.

None of the dozen or so locals on the street were armed, however. The shots came from the buildings and roofs by individual(s) who have yet to be identified.