The Kick-Ass Icon of the Lebanese Revolution Just Got Married Amid the Protest

You have certainly seen her in that famous video that went viral, and which gave birth to one of the most shared illustrations of the Lebanese revolution; an image that has even crossed the oceans to be seen carried by Lebanese protesters in the diaspora. She’s the bride who just celebrated her wedding among the protests at the same site where she became a symbol of the revolution when she kicked a minister’s bodyguard during Beirut protest. 


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“Kick Out the Regime” is the symbol her illustration represents and no wonder her spontaneous defensive action made such an impression, for that’s what every protester in Lebanon and abroad is seeking to achieve. 

For those who have missed her story, somehow, an incident occurred on the first day of the protest when the bodyguards of MP Akram Chehayeb attempted by force to open the way through the protesters for their cars to pass through. One of the bodyguards opened fire but, fortunately, nobody was harmed.


In the altercation that followed, our brave young woman here, defending herself, goes and delivers a swift kick to that bodyguard who prompted to jump back. Well, she didn’t aim with any mercy in mind, and the video below will show you how:

Many have felt empowered and even inspired by the act of this fearless Lebanese woman, whose name we just came to know is Malak. She has definitely set an example for everyone in defending one’s right to protest and stand strong in the face of injustice and suppression.


While her identity remained private to the general public until now, her wedding hasn’t been as she and her fiance Mohammed celebrated recently their marriage celebration amidst the cheering protesters right there at the Ring’s bridge in the heart of Lebanon’s protests in Beirut.

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You might wonder who might be able to handle such a fighter in spirit in the same household, the answer is simple: Another fighter for justice like her. This couple is no stranger to battles. In fact, they initially met at a protest in Lebanon back in 2018 and have never stopped protesting together ever since.


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When asked about the reason why they chose to celebrate their wedding on the street during the protest, Malak responded that their happiness is complete when surrounded by their people and fellow protesters.

The couple added that they couldn’t be more proud of this national revolution, and the groom referring to it as the nation’s wedding. They also assured that they won’t stop fighting corruption and the broken system.


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Protesters on the Ring’s bridge in Beirut along with the new weds went on to chant for the revolution. It might be their wedding day but their battle continues for our common rights and demands.

These times are indeed tough for Lebanon, but there is always a cause for celebration, whether a wedding, a birthday, or even a nation’s uprising. It is simply how Lebanese people are! We fight bravely for what is ours and we find joy in it. Congratulations for the couple!


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