The Lebanese Are Uniting to Petition the International Criminal Court

More than 50 days in the streets, the revolution is holding firmly to its ground while actively getting involved in supporting the people, making their demands, protesting corruption, and having their voices heard louder and wider.


As the International Support Group meeting was about to take place, two different letters with one goal were sped to the French President Macron, which achieved the impeding of financial support to the current government The Lebanese revolution asks that international funds of support be entrusted only to a new “clean and credible” government as the current one “no longer represents the people.”

Organizations are also getting actively involved. The Lebanese-Swiss Association (LSA) for the protection of human rights in Lebanon recently called on the United Nations to intervene with a tribunal for the corrupt and those responsible for the human and financial crimes practiced against the Lebanese people.

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The judicial system in Lebanon has lost its independence and trustworthiness in the eyes of the Lebanese people, and the intervention of the United Nation to hold accountable the corrupt bleeding the country to death has become necessary. Crimes by those in power are being committed against the people and the country.

These crimes include, and are not limited to,

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The LSA has stepped in again to attempt to help. According to the association, “The judiciary is political and unfair, judges in Lebanon are rightly right if the accused is weak and powerless, and are silent about those who stole the Lebanese treasury, which has led to poverty and starvation of the Lebanese people.”

The LSA for Human Rights protection is a nonprofit organization that aims at achieving, in Lebanon, the 30 articles of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This association is fighting for something we already know: the nonexistence of human rights in Lebanon.

Now, the LSA has taken a step further. It is giving all the Lebanese people in Lebanon and across the world the unique opportunity to unite their voices in one petition to demand a lawsuit against the corrupt in Lebanon from the International Court in The Hague.


The lawsuit of the petition “Justice for the Lebanese People” is against all those “who stand behind the theft of public money from the Lebanese state’s vault, whether politicians or businessmen, which caused the collapse of the economy and caused to our starvation.”

In addition to the ongoing online petition, a written petition will be also sent to Lebanon to gather as many signatures as possible. Let us all sign this petition so that all those who have caused the destruction of Lebanon and rendered it into that status of agony get duly and rightfully prosecuted.

The online petition has a private feature and the option to remain anonymous if, for any reason, you feel unsafe. Every signature counts and so does the sharing of the petition with your network. Click here to sign.


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