The Lebanese Army Just Arrested Another Sniper

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The Lebanese Army arrested a sniper in Ain el-Remmaneh, a video procured by 961News showed.

The video shows a group of men exiting a narrow building entrance, with one Army officer and the sniper, a young man.

The Army arrested another sniper in Badaro street near Tayyouneh, a few hours earlier

Security forces are still in pursuit of those responsible while helping evacuate civilians caught in the crossfire.

Clashes erupted around noon on Thursday, involving the Lebanese Forces partisans during a protest by Hezbollah and Amal demanding the removal of Beirut Blast Investigative Judge Tarek Bitar.

Students are stuck in schools, taking cover in hallways while parents are trying to reach their children to take them to safety.

Calls issued by Amal and Hezbollah leaderships for their partisans to “remain calm” have not yielded a response. The situation continues to escalate.

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The Lebanese Army Just Arrested Another Sniper

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