The Lebanese City of Batroun Just Inaugurated “The House of the Revolutionists”

On the 52nd day of the Lebanese protests and under the title “Bring Batroun back to the revolution map,” participants in the protest movement in the coastal city of Batroun inaugurated on Saturday afternoon “The House of the Revolutionists” on the western route of the highway in Kfar-Abida.



The inauguration ceremony of “The House of the Revolutionists” was attended by participants from the Batroun region and guests who came from different regions and areas of Lebanon.

During the ceremony, which aimed to bring Batroun back to the revolution map, the people of Batroun raised the “revolution fist” as well in the presence of members of the Akkar civil movement.


Via Annahar

After the Lebanese National Anthem, activist Fadi Muzaya addressed the attendees, stating that the house “is the home of all and it is the house of education and knowledge.” He added, “Daily meetings will take place in the evening between seven and ten o’clock, according to a schedule to be announced later.”

From his side, journalist Asaad Bishara called for a minute of silence for the lives of the martyrs of the October 17 Revolution, followed by brief words by Dr. Raymond Mitri and Economist Rock Mhanna, focusing on the popular movement and its goals, in addition to the economic situation in Lebanon.


The house referred to is an old building that was previously used as a shop for repairing the wheels of cars, then it was converted into a cafeteria, and today its owner presented it to the civic movement in Batroun. It was renewed again by young Lebanese supporters of the region.

Via Annahar

On the same day,  a “Caravan of the Revolution” set out from Kfar Roummane in south Lebanon towards Tripoli, with the aim to spread the message of “national unity” and that Lebanon is for all sects.


The “Caravan of the Revolution” arrived in the Batroun region and stopped at the “House of the Revolutionists” as national songs played in the background. It then continued on its way to the next station in Tripoli. 

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