The Lebanese Diaspora Back to Join the Revolutionaries in Beirut

The greatest reality about the Lebanese revolution is probably that it brought all Lebanese people closer together, not only all over Lebanon but also all around the world. The Lebanese people everywhere have come together hand in hand, literally and figuratively, for the same cause.


Since the onset of the revolution, our Lebanese people in the diaspora have taken many actions to support their people in their homeland. From organizing a march from the Beirut airport to the Martyr’s Square on Independence Day and many solidarity protests in their cities abroad to coming home to attempt saving the economy, they are as involved as their people in Lebanon to save the homeland.

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And they don’t intend to be done just yet. They have taken advantage of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, a time that they usually dedicate to spending precious time with their friends and families, to support and protest with the revolutionaries. Once again, they connected on social media to organize a solidarity march in Lebanon. 


Under the title “The Expatriates Are Returning,” their viral message to the “Lebanese strong arms” of the revolutionaries tells them: “يا زنود اللبنانية جايين نشد معكن”, roughly translated into “We’re coming to flex our arms with you.” They are calling on everyone to meet them at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beirut at 3 PM, on Thursday 26 December.

Their ongoing hashtags state their refusal of the nominated Prime Minister with “Hassan Diab Does Not Represent Me” and their reaffirmation of the demand of the revolution “All Means All.”

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The Diaspora March is planned to take off from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beirut in destination to el Nejmeh Square for a sit-in. Their aim is to support the people in their protest against the new head of the government, who doesn’t meet any of the people’s demands. They are coming to turn the volume up since the people in power don’t seem to be hearing.

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The appointment of the new head of the government, Hassan Diab, has caused a kind of renewal to the revolution, and people are as angry and as motivated to revolt, block the roads and take to the streets; and as peaceful as they, the people of the revolution, have been all through.


They considered that the current parliament members have completely ignored them and, as usual, only held their own personal interests in their recent decision.

The nomination of someone who is the opposite of what the people have been demanding for over two months is proof of their selfishness and negligence. That’s what motivated the people abroad to come once again, and take to the streets again with the people in Lebanon. 

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They are coming because they know that their people and country need them. They know that the numbers should be bigger and the voices should be higher.

Them marching during their Christmas break to stand by us shows how much they care. Thanks for all those who organized this march and all everyone planning on coming and participating!

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