Lebanese Gov’t Is Asking for Your Financial Support to Fight Coronavirus

The Daily Star | AFP

Because the “main headline occupying the people and the government these days is the obsession with the coronavirus,” as Prime Minister Hassan Diab put it, the Lebanese government has set up a coronavirus fund for donations.

The Lebanese Prime Minister headed a Council of Ministers session on Tuesday, March 17th.

And out of the decisions and resolutions that came out of that meeting, the government’s idea to open 4 official bank accounts to receive donations got the most attention from the public.

The Lebanese government has just pulled off an “I’m once again asking for your financial support” on its people, as well as on foreigners too. The goal of this interesting fund is “to face this crisis,” namely, the COVID-19 epidemic.

While reading out the verdicts of the council’s session upon its conclusion, Minister of Information Manal Abdel Samad made the announcement.

She said that the Lebanese government asks “every person in Lebanon or outside it to contribute to this fund at this difficult stage.” Later on, an image containing the information of 4 bank accounts in 4 different currencies began to circulate online.

The Lebanese government has set up a coronavirus fund
Mohammad Azakir | The Daily Star

These LBP, USD, EUR, and GBP accounts are reportedly the ones dedicated by the Ministry of Finance to receive financial support to be used by the government against the coronavirus epidemic.

Notably, the total number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in Lebanon has reached 133 as of Wednesday, March 18th.

And the number is increasing with every new day, so, naturally, there is a need for more effort and support to help slow the spread and contain it as much as possible.

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Lebanon indeed needs all the help it can get to avoid a greater calamity. Taking this into consideration, financial support certainly does come in handy at this stage.

And this rings true especially when Lebanese hospitals have been waving red flags since late 2019, warning that they have a shortage of medical equipment and supplies.

But regardless of whether or not this new fund can be helpful in concept, many Lebanese don’t seem to trust it entirely, and some have been very vocal in opposing it since its announcement on Tuesday.

Lebanese social media users are making their attitude toward the fund clear with comments like “no trust” and “we’d rather donate to the Lebanese Red Cross because we don’t trust the state and its funds.”

Speaking of financial support, if you would like to provide some to the Lebanese Red Cross, which has to spend enormous sums of money every time they transfer a COVID-19-related case, now is the time to do so.

If the comments above reflect your position towards the new fund, the Lebanese Red Cross would be the sure alternative. One thing is certain, financial support is needed for Lebanon to overcome this pandemic.