The Lebanese People of Tripoli Come Together to Counter Hunger and Despair

Lebanese people are known for their generosity, their love of life and their patriotism. Lebanese generosity is known to be unique. Our traditional ways have long proven it. However, what has been happening these past three days across Lebanon exceeds even that generosity. It’s more of a phenomenon of powerful human love and patriotic unity as the nation is reacting to the surging acts of despair these days.


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The economic crisis of Lebanon that gave birth to the revolution has now turned into a catastrophe that is only impacting the people, not the ruling class. Too many Lebanese are jobless and without income. Too many businesses have gone bankrupt. Many are being let go from work, and many are getting pay cuts.

Some are without any means to afford medical treatment, and some are getting kicked out of their homes for lacking the cost of the rent. Poverty has recently forced a mother to sell her kidney to treat her son. A father had not even less than $1 for her daughter’s school lunch and despair took his life.


Three similar cases were just witnessed in a bridge in Beirut in one day… An elder man was saved just in time from burning himself in a different region of Lebanon. The same occurred with an elder woman…

In the absence of any action from the responsible officials sitting on their loaded thrones unconcerned about the hell they have created for their people, some citizens reached a point of no return these past days. Despair led them to the unspeakable. 

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For almost two months now, Lebanon has no working government. Lebanon has only its people to take care of each other. Whether they know each other or not, they see themselves in everyone called “a decent Lebanese.” 

The Lebanese people are proven to be formidable in their humanity. At the first acts of despair, they have prompted to take constructive actions to counter it. Calls have been launched on social media to help the citizens edging despair, starting with financial assistance to needy families and collecting food to distribute. 

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They are calling for people willing to provide free cooked meals, organizing themselves to combat hunger. There have been also numerous food retails putting up signs on their doors inviting citizens who are unable to pay to put their shame aside and take all the food they need.

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In the light of the worsening economic crisis, and suicides that have shocked the Lebanese people, levels of despair are still rising. The good citizens of Tripoli have refused this heartbreaking situation and decided to stand up in the face of poverty. 


Tripoli, the poorest of cities in Lebanon, has suffered a lot during the past few years. Until two months ago, it was an important card in the pockets of politicians who used to pull it and its people into their political games and sectarian fights.

Lebanese people outside Tripoli have long feared to visit the city because of the constant negative news it had. Today, Tripoli has welcomed thousands of people from all over Lebanon to join them during the revolution.


Even in this poverty and crisis, Tripoli has stretched out its hands to help not just its residents but everybody in Lebanon; from the kitchens in Nour Square that feed freely more than 2000 people daily to private institutions that are opening their doors for the needy.  

These great initiatives are happening all over Lebanon, not only in Tripoli. These decent Lebanese people, who refuse to yield to the abuse of power of the system and refuse their country to die, are coming together now more than ever. 

They are supporting each other, leaning on each other, bonding with each other, feeding each other, holding each other’s hands, and empowering each other.


Humanity has never died in Lebanon, it’s just that now it is at its optimum, revealing how formidable the Lebanese people are!

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