The Lebanese President Will Address the Nation Again

A day after Prime Minister Saad Hariri responded to the anti-government protesters and submitted his government’s resignation to President Michel Aoun, the Lebanese Presidency account on twitter announced that the President will be addressing the Lebanese people on Thursday night at 8 PM. 


In the tweet, the Lebanese presidency account stated, “President Aoun sends a message to the Lebanese at 8 PM on Thursday to mark the third anniversary of his take over of the constitutional powers, discussing in it the current developments.”

This past Tuesday, on the 12th day of the protests happening across Lebanon, Prime Minister Saad Hariri addressed the Lebanese in a small speech announcing the resignation of his government:


“I will resign from the government,” stressing that “our responsibility today is to protect Lebanon and prevent the arrival of fires, adding “I put my resignation at the disposal of Aoun and all the Lebanese.”

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Earlier on Wednesday, a day after PM Hariri’s resignation, President Aoun accepted the resignation of the prime minister and asked him to stay on as caretaker prime minister pending formation of the new government.


During a meeting in Baabda with a delegation from the Maronite League, President Aoun described that new to-be-formed government as “a clean one.” 

 “Lebanon will have a clean government and the protests that happened have opened the door to major reform,” he stated and warned, “Should obstacles arise in our way, the people will return anew to the squares,” he told the delegation

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This is considered the second president’s speech within two weeks. Last week, on the 8th consecutive day of the anti-government protests, the Lebanese president addressed the people in a very short speech, promising to respond to the street’s demands with great reforms.

On the other hand, he stressed that the regime isn’t going anywhere, calling to stop blocking roads.

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