The Lebanese President Will Finally Address the Nation!

The President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, is due to address the nation tomorrow Thursday at 12:00 PM (delayed to 1:30 PM) in a televised speech and for the first time since the anti-government protests began across Lebanon on Thursday, October 18th, 2019.


The date was announced on the Lebanese Presidency account on twitter: “President Aoun will be sending a message to the Lebanese tomorrow at 12 noon, speaking about the latest incidents through all radios and televisions.”

The president’s first comment on the demonstrations, which began last Thursday evening, was revealed at the start of the cabinet session, only two days ago, on Monday. “What is happening in the street expresses the pain of the people, but accusing all politicians of corruption equally was not fair.”


Aoun also added that the government must “lift banking secrecy on the accounts of anyone who holds ministerial responsibility from current and future ministers.” The Lebanese president will be breaking his silent tomorrow, speaking about the demonstrations that have reached now its 8th day.

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Coincidentally or not, his speech is coming right after the leaders of all the Christian Churches of Lebanon in their different denominations united in a summit today, Weds Oct 23rd, at Bkerke, and issued a one-voice statement, calling on the government to heed the people’s demands.


The Christian Summit‘s statement also called on President Aoun to take urgent action, for “the people would not have risen up had they not reached extreme pain.” 

In that regard, the Christian churches in Lebanon acknowledge that this “unprecedented and cross-sectarian’ national movement of the people is “a historic and extraordinary popular uprising that requires historic stances and extraordinary measures.” 

For more details, read our today’s report: Churches Just Announced Support for the Lebanese Protests.


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