The Lebanese Red Cross Issued These Safety Guidelines for New Year’s Eve

As the country prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the Lebanese Red Cross distributed instructions and guidance to prevent the risk of heart attacks and traffic accidents during the New Year’s Eve celebration period. LRC announced that it will keep pace with the celebrations and reminded the public of ambulance call number 140. The LRC’s warnings and safety guidelines are the following:


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First: The high risk of heart attacks

The following is recommended:

  • Avoid extreme physical exertion, exhaustion, and psychological pressure.
  • Drink water and take breaks at parties.
  • Not to drink too much alcohol.
  • Maintain the body warm by wearing winter clothing or cold-protecting clothing.

When feeling chest pain or discomfort, you should take the following steps:

  • Sit back and rest,
  • Order an ambulance by dialing 140
  • Until the paramedics arrive, it is advisable to seek help from the treating doctor, if any.

Second: The high risk of traffic accidents during the holidays:

Steps to take to reduce this risk:

  • Those driving should not drink alcohol.
  • Not to drive too fast and recklessly.
  • Respect the traffic law: signs, road intersection, traffic destination…
  • Respect the instructions of the security forces at all times.
  • Not to use a cell phone when driving.
  • Put on seat belts at all times, for all people in the car.
  • Ensure the vehicle’s validity, readiness, and mechanical status.
  • Ensure the presence of a fire extinguisher in the car.
  • Ensure the presence of a first aid kit.
  •  Do not drive in the event of extreme fatigue or drowsiness.

Third: Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning

Symptoms include mild headache, dizziness, fatigue and weakness, nausea, shortness of breath, and loss of consciousness. The following is recommended:

  • Do not ignite wood or coal in closed places
  • Leave proper ventilation in the room, while keeping the stoves clean and ensuring that all heating and heating systems in the house meet the general safety conditions.
  • In case of any of the above symptoms, you should immediately go to the open air.

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Readiness on New Year’s Eve

The Lebanese Red Cross announced, in a second statement, that it is “keeping pace with the celebrations on the occasion of New Year’s Eve” Tuesday night December 31, 2019, through Wednesday, January 1st.

It has put the ambulance and emergency teams in a state of public readiness and alert in all its centers throughout the entire Lebanese territory. There are 46 LRC centers and 3 temporary centers accompanied by 4 communication and coordination operations rooms. The centers are supported by 134 ambulances, and about 606 paramedics. 


The statement also explained that “the blood transfusion centers in Spears (Beirut) and in Tripoli (North) will be ready (24/24) to meet the demand for blood units of all groups, as they become available on New Year’s Eve.” That in addition to receiving blood donors.

For more information about the availability of blood units, one can contact LRC Spears Center at 01 372802 and the LRC Tripoli Center at 06 601 429.

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The statement concluded: “The Lebanese Red Cross calls the attention of citizens to the need to adhere to the general safety guidelines. The volunteers and workers in the centers are ready to receive urgent calls and meet the demand for blood units according to their availability, and wishes everyone a holiday full of happiness, goodness, and peace.”

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New Year’s Eve is expected to see cold and snowy weather as the country braces itself for a new storm next week. As a result, the General Directorate of Civil Defense issued a few days ago a storm safety guidelines for the citizens, urging them to abide by them.